Diagnostic Imaging Services

There has been a recent change in the way the MSPB will be conducting diagnostic imaging.

MSPB will continue to perform the following:

    • Stress testing
    • Echos
    • MUGA scans
    • Thyroid ultrasounds
    • Ultrasound guided thyroid biopsies

MSPB have partnered with Diagnostic Centers of America (DCA) to support all other MSPB imaging needs. This change should not impact patients in any way if future care is performed at DCA.

      • Patients do not need to request their medical records. DCA is able to directly compare all MSPB diagnostic images, including mammography, to images taken in DCA facilities.
      • Patients wishing to have future care provided in facilities other than DCA have several options to obtain medical records. 
        • 1) For records needed 7 or more days in the future, dial 561-207-2121 and select option 2 for medical records. Images and/or reports can be mailed to you via MSPB’s medical records partner ShareCare.
        • 2) For records needed within 7 days, call 561-207-2121 ext 2474 to request your images and/or reports from MSPB. MSPB will act on the request Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 5:00pm. 

MSPB will continue to safeguard and store all of your MSPB diagnostic images for ten (10) years from the date the test was performed. Historic mammogram records will be stored in the same manner. 

A statement from DCA President and CEO Steve Shullman can be read here.