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Medical Specialists of the Palm Beaches operates two state-of-the-art Diagnostics centers to provide you and your physician with one comprehensive source for diagnostics. We are the home for all the diagnostic needs of MSPB patients and outside patients choosing the competitive pricing of a free- standing facility. Our highly trained and dedicated radiologists are on site and the preference of many physicians in the community who need diagnostic testing for themselves or their loved ones.

MSPB Diagnostic Imaging 

Hailed as one of the “jewels” of Palm Beach County architecture, the MSPB Diagnostic Imaging Center houses world-class technology in an atmosphere of unsurpassed comfort and caring. Located in Atlantis north of JFK Medical Center, MSPB Diagnostic Imaging is the area’s newest and most progressive imaging facility. The center is committed to providing the most advanced technology available today.

Medical Specialists of the Palm Beaches’ second state-of-the-art facility, MSPB Diagnostics Center is equipped with the latest technology in medical imaging and nuclear medicine. MSPB Diagnostics provides patients and physicians with a wide range of common medical services in one convenient location.

Services available at MSPB Diagnostics include:


With the dual powers of magnetic field and radio waves, High-Field MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is the world’s leading imaging procedure.

MRI produces intricate images of both the human skeletal structure and soft tissues, including but not limited to muscle, eye, mouth and throat, reproductive organ, and brain composition. Due to its ability to generate these highly sophisticated images, MRI is extremely useful in accurately diagnosing medical conditions and disorders such as:

Brain and Organ Tumors
• Eye Abnormalities
• Central Nervous System Disorders
• Reproductive System Problems
• Brain Abnormalities Corresponding With Dementia
• Bone and Joint Damage or Infection

MSPB Diagnostic Imaging proudly offers the Avanto High-Field MRI magnet by Siemens with the new TIM (Total Image Matrix)TM Technology. Incorporating today’s most advanced technology in the MRI field, the Avanto High-Field MRI offers our patients the utmost in comfort and care. Our MRI patients will enjoy benefits such as Noise Cancellation Technology, reducing up to 97% of noise heard in traditional MRI machines, feet-first exams for nearly all procedures, virtually eliminating the claustrophobic feelings generally associated with the MRI procedure, and most importantly, higher quality images in a shorter time.

For an accurate exam in a more comfortable atmosphere, experience the difference with High-Field MRI at MSPB Diagnostic Imaging.



Combining technology, PET/CT FUSION (Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography) is the most progressive cancer detection method to date.

Although each method is capable of identifying cancers independently, this hybrid procedure is the most powerful tool in discovering most types of existing cancers, particularly those found in small, yet complex structures such as the head and neck.

PET is the process of releasing of a small dose of safe, radioactive sugar into the human body to differentiate between normal and cancerous tissue. Healthy tissues convert sugar into energy more effectively than unhealthy or possibly cancerous tissues. In conjunction with the PET process, the CT scans the tissues, generating a highly detailed image of the body’s internal geography.

The combined PET/CT Fusion technology allows our specially trained oncologists to view highly detailed images and effectively differentiates between benign and malignant tumors as well as pinpoint tumor size and location.

Performed individually, both PET and CT often require supplementary testing to obtain an accurate reading, significantly increasing the chance for imaging errors and discrepancies due to differences in patient positioning. By combining both technologies into one system, PET/CT Fusion provides more precise and accurate information, allowing doctors to determine the most accurate course of treatment before any cancerous tumors have time to spread.

Get the facts you need for the most effective cancer treatment with advanced PET/CT Fusion at MSPB Diagnostic Imaging.


64 Slice CT Scan (Performs Coronary CTA’s)

MSPB Diagnostic Imaging is proud to be one of the few centers in the nation, and one of only three in the state of Florida, to offer the 64-slice CT scanner, the newest technology in the fight against heart disease.

This revolutionary technology offers the ability to take unmistakably reflective 3D images of the heart and coronary arteries, non-invasively and within mere seconds, allowing for the most accurate interpretation of the intricate cardiovascular system.

Until now, the standard for discovering heart blockages has been an invasive procedure called a cardiac catheterization. During this procedure a probe is inserted into a blood vessel through an incision in the groin and snaked up toward the heart where an opaque dye is then released. Any arterial blockage then shows up on an X-ray called an angiogram. Cardiac catheterization takes anywhere from four to six hours, can be quite painful and carries the risk of serious complications.

The 64-Slice CT scan at MSPB Diagnostic Imaging uses state-of-the-art technology to take powerful scans of your heart, eliminating the need for invasive surgery altogether. The 64-Slice CT scan takes images so quickly, it actually scans the between heartbeats while the heart is at rest. The procedure can be completed in just eight heartbeats, with results available in just hours.

During the exam, patients lie comfortably on a table that moves them back and forth through the opening of the examination unit. The 64-slice CT scanner then takes rapid images of the heart and the coronary arteries at work and while they are at rest between heartbeats. The advanced speed and technology of the 64-slice CT scanner shortens the total exam time to just 15 to 30 minutes.

The warning signs of heart disease can be difficult to detect. Many people of all ages suffer heart attacks without ever knowing they were at risk. Although heart disease is non-discriminating, some people are better candidates than others for a 64-slice CT scan.

You should strongly consider having a 64-slice CT scan if you have any of the following factors:

  • You have close blood relatives who had heart disease or a heart attack at an early age, but you haven’t had any heart problems yourself.
  • You are at high risk for heart disease due to diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, smoking, lack of exercise or unhealthy weight.
  • You have received abnormal or unclear results on a stress test.

The miraculous technology of the 64-Slice CT Scan makes it possible to diagnose coronary artery disease quicker and safer than ever before. Early diagnosis of this serious disease is vital to successful treatment, prevention of heart attacks and saving lives. Find out about the 64-Slice CT Scanner today. It may save your life.

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